Music is the essential link between nations, families and friends. Music is what has been keeping us from animality and demonization. Expressing the needs of the soul, music elevates us to the realms of Spirit. Sharing music, even just records, is a natural act of Unification.
This blog is fed with my all time favorites. The cream of the cream in my own recipe. Music from all ages and horizons that stirs my soul and lightens my life. I also share with U the most interesting topics for me, in words and pictures...Check out the pages below... for a change.
This blog is my way to share with U. So that U may njoy as much as I do. When U are done surfing/downloading and are having a gr8t time discovering the marvelous soundz, it is Ur turn to share: Return and post happy comments to complete the circle... and ensure that I will stay motivated up here!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

137 - Music from the Desert Nomads - Kohinoor Langa Group (Rajasthan)

When it comes to gypsy music, I seem to have been kept in a time capsule.

 I don't like the balkan style and I don't like the jewish style. I don't like the klezmer style and of course I don't like the neo 'gypsy style', all of which sales a lot of records today.

So what? Am I condemned to avoid all things 'gypsy' in this debilitating times of numbing commercial music production? Hell NO! On the contrary... I am led by the Tsunami of bad stuff to discover the island of good stuff. (Hope U follow).

That is to say: by eliminating the mountain of shit from the way, I usually find a gem or two in the process.

That's what we got here. Music From The Deserts Nomads by the Kohinoor Langa Group.

It doesn't say 'gypsy', to start with. 
Instead we are presented with the music by the 'Desert Nomads' from Rajastan... 
Do not be misled by this trick however, this is pure original roots music from the Indian Gypsys. 
That's where it all started.

                                  Music From The deserts Nomads - 1998



Sunday, January 5, 2014

136 - Exile - Geoffrey Oryema

Well, made it to 2014. Not that I was expecting anything...

At best I would wish to discover many great albums this year, and post them for all in here, so that this blog get's a bit of a substance.

In order to introduce us into the year, I choose an album mostly new to no one, and essentially loved by all.

Yes: Exile is 1990's masterpiece of Real World Studio under the direction of musical visionary Brian Eno introducing Geoffrey Oryema to the astounded global audiences.

An absolute timeless keeper to anyone fond of world music.

1990 - Exile

Friday, December 13, 2013

135 - Colouring Book - Living Room

Living Room is Christoph Pepe Auer at the Clarinet Bass & Manu Delago on the Hang and Colouring Book is their first album.
I love the Hang drum and I hope U do too.
If U look for More .

Living Room - 2010


Thursday, November 21, 2013

134 - Dead Men Don't Smoke Marijuana - S. E. Rogie

Sure it was the album title which attracted my attention, plus the feeling that the dude looked really high on the picture.
Little did I know that Dead Men Don't Smoke Marijuana would be such a delight of Palm Wine sweetness and Blues melodies blending in what can be best described as a cocktail of joy for the soul.

Of course like most people I had never heard of Sooliman Ernest Rogers until I stumble upon His smiling face on the cover and told myself : "with such a title, it MUST be a cool album!".
Guess what: I was sooo right.
To be honest, I am very picky when it comes to African music... I need to be charmed, to be driven out of the ordinary.
Needless to say, there ain't many african records posted In Times Like These...!!! , however this album deserves a place of honor.
Unfortunately, this was also the last disc S.E Rogie recorded shortly before he passed away in Russia while performing onstage, back in 1994. R.I.P

Dead Men Don't Smoke Marijuana - 1994

Doesn't Get Any Cooler Than This!

Friday, October 18, 2013

133 - Solidarity - SoulJazz Orchestra

Now, just in case U are not familiar with the SoulJazz Orchestra, U ought to know that this Canadian bunch of horn players slash vocalists (slash Ganja lovers) are practitioners of the delicate art of musical eclecticism.
I suppose most fellow listeners would be surprised to find out these folks ain't no Africans, or even 'colored'! All we get here is a 6 pack of white northern - yet hot blooded - dudes (one of them is indeed a lady...), who fancy rhythms so much they needed to do something serious about it.
So they came up with a solid salad of AfroBeat, Soul, Jazz, Funk and Reggae. It's tasty, it's spicy and will probably make U wanna move Ur dancing feet.
I had been considering a post dedicated to their 2010 release, Rising Sun, which is a pretty good album overall, if not more... so that might come up someday.
However, a coupla days ago, I haphazardly stumbled upon their latest offering... and after an avid listening, I knew I would be posting Solidarity without delay!

Suffice to say this one has got a bold number of awesome Reggae tracks and U should shove it up Ur iPods coz that is just the kinda soundz U and I need to imbibe while cruising the wacky weird world...             out there.  


Sunday, October 13, 2013

132 - Spiritual State - Nujabes

Uno the best thing about blogging again after nearly 2 years of absence?
Well, I dig up new stuff from the free web and I give my brain some unheard soundz on a regular basis, which is sooo precious!
Seems like the mind needs to be fed with unknown items in order to stay young and open.
That's how I discovered Nujabes and Uyama Hiroto when I started this blog, and now it is pretty amazing to find out a new (at least to me) release by Hydeout Prods as I do my come back here.
Fans be amazed! Nujabes tracks keep on coming post mortem and this album has a few gems in it, as usual.

Spiritual State - 2011

Far Fowls - Nujabes

Down On The Sides - Nujabes

Saturday, October 12, 2013

131 - 45's - Hugh Masekela

Voila! I have been through the whole thing of re-uploading. I found out during the process that my links were being killed faster than my uploading rate.
I wonder what's left of the work I just finished in fact, and I now have to verify all the links to find out. So I decided to get an account on in order to get my very own uploading space and hopefully a much more durable and safer space to host the files for this blog thingy.
I hope that it will be convenient for y'all to download for free from 
I also recommend getting an account at RealDebrid for all Ur downloading purposes.
Then U can convert links from 4Shared and a big bunch of other host sites
 into easily resumable premium links.

For now, I can't wait any longer to share with U something new, even though it's an old one.

So here we go: A couple of 45's from South Africa and from before I was born.
       Just four tracks indeed, and that's my re-birth post?

Well, wait until U get them playing and U'll also feel it is deserved. Or at least U should. 
That's right!

Hugh Masekela - "Do Me So La So So"

Hugh Masekela - 'Puffin' on Down The Road"

Gotta Love It! Welcome Back In Times Like These...!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Times Like These IS BACK!!

Namaste Folks!

I hope U are in the mood, coz I have got a broadband, finally... and I have decided to resuscitate this blog of mine, yep, for all those who have come before and found the links dead, and no update, let me tell U: NEVER GIVE UP!

For the new folks, please bear in mind: this is all about sharing and feed back, so please let me know what U think about the posts and whatever U wish to share with me through links is welcome.

In case U were looking for MP3, then just look elsewhere... I nearly forgot about these over the last 2 years.
Uno, since I found out how to play lossless on my iPod, I just convert all Flac into Alac, the FREE lossless audio coded from Apple. It is just as good as Flac, and the size is similar (a tiny bit more).
So in case U're not a geek, Alac is actually Audio MP4 and delivers great quality. It is commonly played by most media players and most crucially, it is favored by the inevitable iPod.

That's it, U will find here neat Alac files, ready to shove in Ur iPods and/or other players for maximum lossless pleasure.

If U are not willing to change a habit, then just pass these through Ur favorite Audio Converter app, and watch them change into good'ol Flac in no time at all.

Well, that's it for now. It will take me some time to re-up the whole blog so be patient, I am going from the top down unless there are some requests.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

130 - Free Patri Ation - Patrice

Aloha dudes and gals, back here for a post that will give U some chills and might cause U an open heart spaced-out session... so be warned.

Now, this is a special new moon we are in... today is the alignment of Earth, Moon, Sun, Mercury and  the mysterious 'comet' Elenin.
Major disaster as been announced and we've been told that many government heads took an unusual pause and are running underground to save their lives. Meteorites are reported falling in various places and a 'fire ball' destroyed two houses in Argentina, killing one woman and leaving six injured.
All the medias are keeping quite but warnings are issued in Russia for instance to stay away from the solar flares which are being reported every other day for a week now...X class flares, the biggest.
So, this might be the last days of the electronic era and maybe we are even going to upgrade DNA and become superconductive light beings very soon. 

So before that, I felt like sharing another killer it is.
Patrice has got some words to say on his last album Free-Patri-Ation.
download and enjoy right now...before U can't.